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Placement Testing

All entering students who enroll in associate degree or certificate programs and who enroll for more than four credit hours or eight weekly contact hours per semester will be assessed using a placement assessment instrument and will be placed at the appropriate level as indicated by the assessment results. Certain programs at Bevill State have specific testing requirements.

NOTE: Bevill State accepts official COMPASS placement test scores from other postsecondary institutions.

NOTE: Each college is required to provide a written assessment, an individualized education plan, and appropriate guidance and counseling to any student who scores below the college’s minimum cut score. The requirements for the standard minimum cut scores for the System shall be set forth in guidelines established by the Chancellor.

How to Register for the Exam

Contact the Office of Student Services to schedule an appointment for the COMPASS® exam. It is a designed to evaluate an individuals math, reading, and writing skills. The exam is used to determine the apporpriate courses a student should be enrolled in to help them achieve academic success.


205-932-3221 ex. 5137


205-921-3177 ex. 5372


205-387-0511 ex. 5901


205-648-3271 ex. 5409

Pickens Co.

205-367-8860 ex. 5639



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