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Best Robotics is a program designed to stimulate Middle and High School students interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Teams of students are given a kit of materials with which they build a robot to perform well defined tasks. Teams document their design process and give a marketing presentation about their robots. Kits are provided by the HUB at no cost to the school. 

Online Registration

Kickoff Day: 

Saturday September 17, 2016 

Location: Fayette Campus of Bevill State 

Teams receive kits and information about competition tasks and rules. 


09:00am - Registration in Earl McDonald Foyer

09:30am - Welcome by Dean Max Weaver in Earl McDonald Auditorium

09:45am - Bet the Farm - Earl McDonald Auditorium

10:15am - Kits & Track in the Gym

11:00am - Dismiss

Mall Day: 

Thursday October 20, 2016 6:00-9:00 pm 

Location: Fayette Multiplex during County Fair 

Teams have the opportunity to run on the track and display their robots for the public. 

Game Day:

Friday October 28, 2016 (Marketing Presentations) 

Saturday October 29, 2016 (Robot Competition) 

Location: Fayette Campus of Bevill State 

Top three teams from HUB invited to compete at the Regionals at Auburn. 

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 Revised: 7/12/16 

Bankhead Middle School Amber Parsons 29
BES/HUB Julie Moore 36
FCEP Julie Moore 37
Fayette Middle School Lisa Lockhart 35
Hubbertville High School Rhonda Dunavant 30
Huffman High School Justin Sanders 28
Northside Middle School Julie McGillivray 33
Northside High School Eve Kendrick 34
Winfield Middle School Bryan Kennedy 31
Winfield High School Jennifer Birmingham 32