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CO-OP/Internship Program

Career Technical students are also given the opportunity to participate in the CO-OP/Internship program. The CO-OP/ Internship program is designed to be an organized and planned work experience for the purpose of extending training to a student in his/her chosen career path, while at the same time providing the participating business with additional part-time personnel. A student is only eligible for an internship after meeting specific program prerequisites. The required amount of internship training time varies for individual programs and follows the semester schedule of the College. The student is interviewed by the prospective employer, and if hired as an intern, is expected to follow procedures and policies of the company. Students who are interested in participating in the CO-OP/Internship program should contact their program advisor.

For additional information about the CO-OP/Internship Program at Bevill State Community College, contact:

Al Moore
205-648-3271 Ext. 5405


Career Technical