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Renewable Energy Program

Renewable Energy Technology (REN) offers nine Technical Courses which help prepare the student for employment in the emerging fields of alternative energy production.  Several companies using alternative fuel techniques are scheduled to locate plants to produce electricity in northwest Alabama.

These companies are expected to be the anchor businesses that will advance bioenergy in north Alabama. Bioenergy is expected to be a growing industry in the region due to the broad availability of wood and woodwaste product from consumer, municipal, industrial and agricultural processes.  This widely available natural resource has caught the attention of biomass energy conversion companies, at least three of whom have made commitments to locating within 35 miles of the training center.

These companies will combine to create at least 100 new positions, with wages expected to average $42,000 and above for these positions. A skilled workforce must be provided for these companies, and Bevill State is well positioned to provide the needed training. Positions in the emerging field will be high-wage and high-skill and will be a positive economic boost to an area faced with high unemployment, even relative to the already high unemployment rates statewide.

Certificate Program

The Certificate in Renewable Energy Technology can provide you with the credential on which a rewarding career can be built.  The need for technicians in this emerging field will increase considerably when these companies come on board.  The REN course focuses training on bioenergy technology, which will include components in fuel cell technology, smart grid technology, electricity, and biomass gasification. Training consists of Industrial Maintenance and Renewable energy courses.

Persons interested in this field should possess basic skills in math, reading, computer usage, and problem solving.  Good written/oral communication skills along with good hand-eye coordination are important in this field.

Course Requirements Renewable Energy Short-term Certificate

Number Course Credit
PSY 100 Orientation 1
WKO 104 Applied Technology IV 1
ETC 101 DC Fundamentals 3
REN 110 Biofuels I 3
ETC 102 AC Fundamentals 3
REN 111 Bio-Energy Technology 3
ETC 108 Motor Controls I 3
INT 184 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers 3
REN 210 Biofuels II 3
REN 211 Bioprocess Practices 3
INT 118 Fundamentals of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics 3

PSY100 is a pre/corequisite for this Short-Term Certificate. KeyTrain preassessment is required.

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