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Personnel Handbook

The Bevill State Community College Personnel Handbook and Appendices are intended only for the use of Bevill State Community College employees. All policies listed here are the current College policy. Any policy in the handbook that is contrary to the language or intent of policies found in the current Alabama State Board of Education Policies found at is null and void. Institutional policies and procedures not included or inadvertently omitted from this handbook are considered to be binding. Any questions regarding the BSCC Personnel Handbook should be directed to the Director of Personnel Services at 205-387-0511 ext. 5242.


  • Personnel Handbook
  • Handbook Appendices

A.  History, Mission, Goals, and Organization

B. College Committees

C. Compliance with Federal Law

D. Personnel Policies and Procedures

E. Fringe Benefits

F. General Information

Handbook Appendix Forms

A Time Sheets
A-1 Publicity Printing Form
B Leave Request Form
C Annual Performance Evaluation-Faculty
D Annual Performance Evaluation-Personnel
E Classroom Observation Form-Traditional and IITS
F Classroom Observation Form-Web Based
G Professional Development Form-Faculty
H Professional Development Form-Personnel
I Faculty Rank Increase Certification Form
J Pre-Travel Authorization Form
K In State Travel Reimbursement Form
L Out of State Travel Reimbursement Form
M Maintenance Request Form
N ADA Employee Accommodation Request
O ADA Student and Citizen Accommodation Request
P ADA Instructor Notice of Disability Documentation
Q New Full Time Employee Packet
R New Part Time Employee Packet
S Overtime Work Report Form
T Exit Interview Form
U Liability Release Form-19 Years and Older
V Liability Release Form-Under 19 Years of Age
W Application for Salary Continuation for Job-Related Injury
X Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form
Y Sick Leave Bank Application for Loan
Z Sick Leave Bank Catastrophic Leave Request
AA Sick Leave Bank Notice of Resignation Form
BB Payment Method for Partial-Year Employees Form
CC-1 Vehicle Trip Sheet
CC-2 Request for Bus Transportation Form
CC-3 Transportation Policy
DD Internet Access Agreement
EE Request for Library Purchase
FF Library Instruction Session Request Form
GG Library Equipment Request Form
HH Textbook Adoption Proposal
II Request for Facility Use Form
JJ Facility Fee Schedule
KK Independent Study Request Form
LL Student Independent Study Log
MM Inventory Transfer Form
NN Live Work Order Form
OO Cosmetology/Barbering Work Order Form
PP Extracurricular or Fund Raising Activities Form
QQ Family Relationship Disclosure Form
RR Salary Schedule
SS College Calendar
TT Check Request Form
UU Substantive Change Implementation Form
VV Organizational Chart
WW Drug-Free Policy
XX BSCC Vendor Policy
YY Harassment/Sexual Harassment Policy
ZZ Notification of Secondary Employment
AAA Online Personnel Handbook Form
BBB Health Care Coverage Options
CCC Request to Teach for Non-Faculty Employees
DDD Budget Revision Request
EEE Working Agreement CEI
FFF Terms of CEI Employment Agreement and Learning Objective
GGG Employer's Evaluation of CEI Student