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Online Financial Aid Application

The most recent application deadline has expired.
Please check back later to apply for Bevill State Community College Scholarships for the next academic year.

Helpful Information

A completed application includes a submited online application, a student resume and an essay (for Amabassador applicants only).

Scholarships are Awarded for One Year
Students may be eligible for the renewal of their scholarship for the second year based on their cumulative GPA. Students will NOT be eligible to receive institutional scholarships for more than two consecutive years.

ACT Requirements
Students applying for scholarships that require an ACT score must include their score with their initial submission of the scholarship application. ACT tests that have been completed before application deadline, but have not received their scores prior to the scholarship application deadline will not be able to submit their score at a later date.

Scholarships Awards are Based on:

  1. Academic Merit
  2. Extracurricular Activity
  3. Prior Career Technical Training
  4. Leadership Ability

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee applicants will be awarded a scholarship.




An Application for Federal Aid must also be submitted.

Applicants must also fill out the online application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Use School Code: 005733

The Student Aid Report from your FAFSA application must be on file at Bevill State. If you need assistance in completing the FAFSA, please contact the Office of Student Services at the campus you plan to attend.

Office of Student Services

Fayette Campus
205-932-3221 ext. 5102

Hamilton Campus
205-921-3177 ext. 5324

Jasper Campus
205-387-0511 ext. 5725

Sumiton Campus
205-648-3271 ext. 5415