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Health Requirements

1. Health Science Faculty reserve the right to require, at any time, proof of a studentís physical, mental, and/or emotional health. TheHealth Science Faculty may require students to receive, at the studentís expense, counseling and/or medical treatment in order to continue in the health science programs. If treatment is required, the student must provide documentation from the attending physician/primary healthcare provider of the studentís ability to perform specific skills effectively.

2. Clinical agencies/facilities require the school to provide evidence that student participants are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Students will be required, at their own expense, to have an initial drug screen at a time and place determined by the faculty prior to entering clinicals. In addition, random drug screens will be conducted throughout the curriculum. If a drug screen is positive, the student will be immediately dismissed from the health science program.

3. If there is reasonable cause to believe a student is in violation of the institutional conduct code, such as observable changes in behavior, performance, appearance, or speech, the student will be dismissed from the program immediately.

4. A student who is hospitalized for any existing health problem must submit a statement from the physician/primary healthcare provider indicating ability to continue in clinicals and/or the program.

5. A completed health form must be submitted annually to the Division Chair/Program Director. In addition, students must comply with any additional health requirements of clinical agencies.

6. All students must present verification of health insurance coverage before attending the first scheduled class day and maintain this health insurance coverage throughout the program.

Health Sciences