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FAQs About Electric Shavers

June 30, 2014

Men who shave frequently will find that this is one of the most laborios tasks in the morning. The use and popularity of electric shavers has however made this task less of a grind. Shaving with electric razors has made the act very easy for all. There are two types of electric shavers, foil & rotary shavers, and this has made it easy for a guy to get a quick shave and go out in a couple of minutes.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about electric shavers and our answers to them.

1. How do you distinguish between a rotary shaver and a foil shaver?

The main difference between the two is in the style of their cutting heads. It is distinguished by the way their cutting heads operate. A typical rotary shaver will have three heads that rotate. They cut hair by lifting them and the blade then cuts the hair. The very best electric rotary shaver will normally have a head that tilts and pivots to match the contours of the face and neck aread.

Foil electric razors typically have a single or double moving head placed behind a foil or screen ( which is typically a sthing strip of metal with tiny holes in it to allow hair to pass through for cutting).

2. Is it difficult to keep an electric razor clean?

Ceaning most electric shavers is an easy process. One way of cleaning your machine is to remove the head. You can then just tap gently to remove any hair. The most advanced and morden electric razors are self-cleaning. They typically come with a cleaning station that serves as a charger as well. They come with a special solution. You fill the cleaning station with the cleaning solution, insert your machine and plug it in. Leave it a few minutes and you have a clean and dry machine.


3. Do I have to replace the cutting blades in the head?

The cutting blades in an electric razor, just like any other cutting edge, becomes blunt after a period of usage. You will be required to replace this blade from time to time. These blades are typically sold as a replacement part and can be typically be bought from the manufacturer or from stores such as

The manufacturer will typically indicate in your shaver's manual how frequently you need to replace the cutting blade. But in general terms, how frequently you need to replace the blades will depend on how often you shave, the type of beard you have and the brand or model of your shaver.

4. How do I pick the best electric shaver?

When picking the best electric shaver for men, you'll notice that they all seem to look alike. However, even shavers of the same brand will spot different features. There are a few features you can look out for to pick the best electric razors for the best shaving experience. If you grow your hair long, you will need razors that have trimming accessories attached to enable you cut this type of hair. There are some shavers that provide these attachments for close shaving and just trimming.

Some shavers also have attachments for nose & ear hair trimming. You should consider those ones. You can also select a wet or dry shaver. There are some that let you shave both wet and dry.

You might want to go for a rechargeable shaver instead of a battery operated one. That can save you some money. Also go for the self-cleaning ones if you can afford it because it will make things much easier for you.


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