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Bevill State announces new partnership with AARP Foundation

February 27, 2014

Bevill State Community College named as a 2014 BACK TO WORK 50+ participant in AARP Foundation initiative.

Grant-funded collaboration with American Association of Community Colleges and Walmart Foundation to provide scholarships and work skills for jobseekers age 50+.

Bevill State Community College is pleased to announce a new partnership with AARP Foundation through a $163,700 BACK TO WORK 50+ grant. The two-year grant will provide training and services to 50+ job candidates in the service area and facilitate their access to in-demand jobs with a focus on truck drivers and certified nursing assistants.

Bevill State is one of 12 community colleges nationwide selected to be part of a more than $2 million investment by AARP Foundation to reach thousands more older workers who need services. These colleges will place a special focus on the needs of low income, older adult women and provide an expanded level of career and support services.

“Community colleges serve a diverse student population from traditional high school students to working and retired adults,” said Bevill State President Dr. Anne McNutt. “This partnership will deliver training, networking and job seeking opportunities for our older, unemployed community members and provide access to job leads and resources that are unique to our college.”

Through BACK TO WORK 50+Bevill State will support job seekers through information sessions, coaching, training scholarships and job search preparation. Local information sessions will be available for candidates ages 50 and older to learn more about BACK TO WORK 50+ and a Coaching Program where they will learn how to update their personal marketing tools and networking strategies, target their job search on in-demand jobs, get job leads, and find resources and training that can help them stay strong while they’re looking for their next full-time job.

Back to Work 50+

In addition to local information sessions, Bevill State will provide training scholarships with a special focus on women for in-demand programs in truck driving and certified nursing assistant. These certificate programs were chosen due to their viability in both student success and job opportunities. Training for these programs can be completed in eight weeks or less.  For more information call 855-850-2525.

“More than 3 million workers age 50-plus are looking for full-time employment. Mature workers bring assets to the workplace that employers need,” said AARP Foundation president Lisa Marsh Ryerson.  “The expansion of BACK TO WORK50+ will encourage a multigenerational workforce that brings value to employers and older Americans alike.”

AARP Foundation is committed to improving the financial stability of low income older adults age 50 and older by addressing the barriers that prevent them from earning, managing, and protecting their income and financial resources. As part of its Income Impact Area, AARP Foundation focuses on interventions related to helping older adults obtain good jobs in their communities, increase their financial capability and avoid falling victim to financial fraud and abuse.

The BACK TO WORK 50+ program is one of the programs funded by the Walmart Foundation as a part of the Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative, which will help 200,000 U.S. women from low-income households gain better employment opportunities through job training, education, career counseling, and mentoring. For more information, visit


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