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Online Courses

Our online courses were developed to meet your educational goals at the time and place that is right for you.  Online delivery provides the advantage of achieving the same learning outcomes and objectives as traditional, campus based students without being bound to a classroom.  You can participate in class discussions, post your assignments, test and receive feedback all online (or even take the work offline as needed.)

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Where Do I Get Started?

The degrees listed in the right-hand menu can be attained completely through online learning. We have provided information on these programs and other resources to help you be successful. Please take time to review our information and contact us, if you have any questions.

Tips for Success

It's important that you are familiar with technology. You should be comfortable sending/receiving email and navigating the web. We also recommend your computer be no older than 4-years old with high speed internet access for best success. It's also good to have a back-up plan! Computer and Internet failures are not valid reasons for missing assignments and quizzes, so make sure you have a back-up plan.

Be self-motivated and self-disciplined. The online process takes commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the class. Taking initiative can go a long way.

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Getting Started