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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Web-based courses?
BSCC offers courses that are conducted online using the Canvas learning management system. This allows students to access their classes via the Internet anywhere, anytime an Internet connection is available. Web-based courses are available to the students 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on the course, instructors may require some on-campus time.

How do I know if I should take a Web-based course?

Online courses are especially beneficial for students who require a flexible schedule, need to reduce travel to a campus, or enjoy learning online. However, success in a Web-based course requires certain skills. You should speak to your advisor about this and consider the following questions:

How much time is involved?
Though Web-based courses allow a more flexible schedule, it does not mean less time is required. Web-based courses are comparable with campus-based courses in content and required time. The amount of time involved will depend to some extent on you’re the speed of your Internet connection and your own reading, writing, and typing skills.

Is it possible to take all of the courses online for my degree?
As of fall 2008, you can get your degree online for liberal arts, business administration and business off management technology. Bevill has plans to offer future degrees online.

Do I need to speak with a special advisor to register for Web-based courses?
Your regular advisor can register you for Web-based courses. However, if you are interested in a degree online you should contact Leslie Cummings at extension 5716 for assistance. If you want to take one or more online courses, it is recommended that you register on the first day of early registration because Web-based courses are popular and fill-up quickly.

How do I receive help with learning how to use Canvas for Web-based courses?
Online help is available inside your Canvas course. Click the “Help” link (upper right side) for assistance with Canvas tools and functions. If you have questions or problems after that, email or call the instructor for your course.

Whom do I contact for help with other problems?
Contact Computer Services at extension 5410 if you have technical problems. Contact your instructor if you have problems with an assignment, discussion board, or other course requirement.

Will I be required to come to the campus for a test or lab?
This will depend upon the instructor. You may contact the instructor in advance for this information, or you may wait until the first day of classes.

How do I begin a Web-based class when school starts?

On the first day of classes, you should login to Canvas and click on your class. When your class opens, your instructor will direct you on where to begin and how to proceed with the course.

What is my Canvas username and password?

Canvas ID = The first letter of the student’s first name plus the first three letters of the student’s last name (all lowercase letters) plus four digits from the student’s birth date (last two digits of the year of birthplus the two-digit day of birth). Please note that name changes made in the Office of Student Services do not affect the original ID.

Password = Your Student Number Example: John Smith born on January 7, 1972
WebCT ID = jsmi7207 Password = student number

May I take Web-based courses and campus-based courses at the same time?

Yes. Discuss your schedule with your advisor and ensure that you do not have any conflicts.

Where do I find resources for a research topic/assignment?

Students can take advantage of the college’s extensive learning resources at the Bevill State Library web site.

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