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Myth vs. Facts

Myth 1
Web-based courses are easier than campus-based ones.
Fact 1
Web-based courses are held to the same academic standards as campus-based courses. Web-based may be more easily and conveniently accessed; however, students must assume greater responsibility for learning in a Web-based course, which may actually make a course more challenging for students.

Myth 2
Learning in a Web-based course is fast.
Fact 2
Though students may be able to learn online at anytime, anywhere, Web-based courses does not magically shorten the time required to succeed in the course. Research has shown that students frequently report that they spend the same amount of time, if not more, on their Web-based courses as the time they spend on their campus-based courses.

Myth 3
Web-based courses are not as effective as campus-based courses.
Fact 3
Educational research has decisively shown that Web-based courses are just as effective as campus-based courses.

Myth 4
Web-based courses are like correspondence courses. All students have to do is hand in assignments and keep up with the reading.
Fact 4
Web-based courses at BSCC require student-to-instructor interaction and student-to-student interaction. Being an active participant in a Web-based class is just as important as being an active participant in a campus-based class.

Myth 5
Because students are so busy, instructors will excuse them from online participation and allow exceptions for them regarding classroom policies and deadlines.
Fact 5
Although instructors will generally try to accommodate their students, all students are evaluated using the same criteria. Enrollment in a class is a professional endeavor, so even though life events may intrude, students are expected to act responsibly regarding their course work.

Myth 6
All new computers have everything the student will need.
Fact 6
Certain courses require specific software, such as Microsoft Office. Please check the requirements for individual courses.

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