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Is Online Learning For Me?

Online classes are often very different than traditional face-to-face classes in terms of how the material is presented, the nature of the interaction among class members, and the overall learning experience. Many students report that they actually learn more in online classes than in face-to-face classes and find the experience more rewarding. But online classes aren't right for everyone. Even if you are an excellent student, you may find that online classes are not compatible with your learning style. So, before enrolling in your first online class, give some thought to whether online learning is right for you. Answering the following questions may help you with this process:

Your Name:

1. I would describe my need to take an online course as follows:

  1. I live more than 25 miles from campus or I need this class to graduate this semester.
  2. I have other options:I could take it later or take an on-campus section.
  3. Iím taking online classes for personal interest. It is not essential for my program of Study.
2. I would describe my self-discipline as follows:
  1. I begin tasks on my own and do not need someone to supervise.
  2. I work best when directed by someone else but proceed alone when needed.
  3. I need an outside influence to help me start or complete my work.
3. I would describe my ability to work independently as follows:
  1. I set goals and complete work on my own.
  2. I can work on my own but need encouragement from others.
  3. I have a tendency to give up or avoid work without prodding from others.
4. I would describe my ability to manage my time as follows:
  1. I prioritize and am able to devote adequate time to my commitments.
  2. I have problems managing my time but generally get things done eventually.
  3. I have a tendency to procrastinate and Iím not well organized.
5. I would describe my reading skills for college courses and ability to understand instructions as follows:
  1. I have good reading skills and easily comprehend what I am reading.
  2. I am a slow reader and need to reread materials to understand them.
  3. I avoid reading and prefer to have information explained orally.
6. I would describe my writing skills as follows:
  1. I express myself well in writing.
  2. I can express myself in writing but think I could improve my writing skills.
  3. I am not comfortable communicating in writing and prefer other forms of communication.
7. My computer/technical experience is best described by the following:
  1. I use a computer frequently and am experienced with a variety of programs/applications and Internet access.
  2. My use of computers is limited, but I am relatively comfortable with the applications/programs I do use.
  3. I have little or no experience using computers.
8. What type of Internet access describes your typical online connection?
  1. High Speed (Cable, DSL, Satellite, or Fiber Optic)
  2. Dial-Up
  3. No Internet access
9. Do you have an E-mail account?
  1. Yes
  2. No
10. When faced to learn new technologies (e.g. computers, electronics, etc.) my response is as follows:
  1. I look forward to the opportunity and master it quickly.
  2. I am a little uncomfortable, but try anyway and eventually master it for my own use.
  3. I avoid new technologies.
11. I perceive online courses to be.....
  1. At least as difficult as a traditional class and most likely harder.
  2. Easier than a traditional class.
12. How much time to you expect to spend in an online course?
  1. More than that of a traditional course
  2. The same as a traditional course
  3. Less than that of a traditional course

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