Bevill State Community College
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System Requirements

Requirements for Online and Hybrid Classes:

  • Home Computer or Laptop (under 4 years old preferred)
  • Latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,
       and/or Apple Safari
  • Current Virus Protection
  • Internet Access (High speed preferred; 56kbs connection
       on dial-up minimum)
  • Microsoft Office 2007
       (available at campus bookstore for discounted price)
  • Course specific software

  • Recommendations:

  • Printer
  • External Email
  • Java
    You may need the Java SE Runtime Environment software installed on your system for some course. Click here to download the software for your system.

    Wifi On Campus

    Please select the icon below for your Windows operating system to download the WiFi set-up instructions and configuring your student laptop for 802.1x wireless connectivity on any of the Bevill State campuses. It is important to read all instructions before attemtping to make any any changes or installations to your computer systems.

    Windows XP  Windows Vista Windows 7

    Getting Started