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Tips for Success

01. Start by visitng the Blackboard Demo Course!

02. Contact your instructor and introduce yourself.

03. Start working as soon as the semester begins.

04. Log into your class daily if possible.

05. Get familiar with the course design.

06. Read carefully all correspondence.

07. If you don’t understand something – ASK.

08. Communicate with your classmates.

09. Give yourself plenty of time to complete assignments.
      Distance education classes normally take more time then
      traditional classes.

10. Post your questions to the discussion board thread.

11. If you know the answer to a classmate’s question, answer
      it. This will help you reinforce the information, it will help
      the student who asked the question, and chances are
      there are other students with the same question so they
      will benefit as well.

12. Be committed by spending as much time as the course

Graduate Keyboard

Online Learning

Getting Started