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Criminal Justice

Associate in Science Degree

Bevill State Community College offers a program of study for an Associate in Science Degree in Pre-Criminal Justice. Criminal justice careers can encompass a variety of jobs and typically welcome people with backgrounds in criminal justice, criminology, sociology, political science, psychology, social work, and other liberal arts and human services disciplines.

The employment possibilities within the traditional police, courts, and corrections areas are being expanded with opportunities in private business.

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Business Administration

Skills for Success

Careers for individuals with backgrounds in criminal justice vary widely by type of specialty pursued. Among the career paths that are available include probation officers, correctional treatment specialists, correctional officers, police, detective and homeland security work at local, state, and federal levels, fish and game wardens, offices within the judicial system, and private detectives and investigators, among others. As can be expected with a range of career options this wide, salaries also fall in a wide range.