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Associate in Science

Students completing an Associate in Science in Mathematics are prepared to transfer to an upper division baccalaureate program in mathematics, statistics, or mathematics education.

More and more, employers are looking for applicants who are good thinkers. General problem-solving skills, the ability to synthesize information and reason logically, rather than narrow technical expertise, are seen as an advantage for employment.

Academic Resources

American Mathematical Society
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Careers in Mathematics
American Statistical Association
Society of Actuaries

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates exist in many diverse industries. Mathematicians and statisticians can expect to be employed by insurance companies, government agencies (IRS, Labs, etc.), banks or in any occupations that deal with large volumes of data. Mathematicians also work with computer scientists in system analysis.

Typical employers include research firms, aerospace and oil companies, electronic and biomedical equipment manufacturers, communications laboratories, school systems and investment banking firms. Computer software companies are prime employers, and insurance companies seek mathematicians for actuarial work.