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Associate in Science

The Music program prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges or universities. This program transfers to colleges and universities regionally and nationally. The two-year curriculum at Bevill State is the equivalent of the freshman and sophomore years in a four-year bachelor's degree program in music.

Bevill State is committed to serving its diverse community by offering a high quality musical experience through classroom, private instruction, and performance opportunities. Our comprehensive course offerings serve students who are music majors, as well as those who enroll to meet four-year college requirements, or for personal interest.

Academic Resources

American Musicological Society
American Musical Instrument Society
Music Library Association
The Society for American Music
Society for Music Theory

Planning for Success

It helps prepare students for careers in professional performance, private music instruction or music education in the classroom. The curriculum is sequential, and students enrolled in the degree program should work closely with an advisor from the Music Department (starting in their first semester) who is familiar with the program and its transfer requirements.