Tuition and Fees

The following financial information is subject to change by action of the Alabama State Board of Education. The information printed below is current at the time of publication. Any changes will be updated and publicized on this site prior to the start of each term. All tuition and fee payments are due at the time of registration.

In-State Tuition

Students who meet the specific criteria of Policy No. 803.01, as Alabama residents, are eligible to pay the following tuition and fees:

2019-2020 Tuition & Fee Chart

Credit Hours Tuition Bond Reserve Fee Facilities Renewal Fee Technology Fee  Library Fee Building Fee Total Tuition/Fees
1 131 1 9 9 0 10 160
2 262 2 18 18 0 20 320
3 393 3 27 27 15 30 495
4 524 4 36 36 15 40 655
5 655 5 45 45 15 50 815
6 786 6 54 54 15 60 975
7 917 7 63 63 15 70 1,135
8 1,048 8 72 72 15 80 1,295
9 1,179 9 81 81 15 90 1,455
10 1,310 10 90 90 15 100 1,615
11 1,441 11 99 99 15 110 1,775
12 1,572 12 108 108 15 120 1,935
13 1,703 13 117 117 15 130 2,095
14 1,834 14 126 126 15 140 2,255
15 1,965 15 135 135 15 150 2,415
16 2,096 16 144 144 15 160 2,575
17 2,227 17 153 153 15 170 2,735
18 2,358 18 162 162 15 180 2,895
19 2,489 19 171 171 15 190 3,055
20 2,620 20 180 180 15 200 3,215
21 2,751 21 189 189 15 210 3,375
22 2,882 22 198 198 15 220 3,535
23 3,013 23 207 207 15 230 3,695
24 3,144 24 216 216 15 240 3,855

Effective: Fall 2019

NOTE: The Library Fee is assessed to students who are enrolled for three (3) or more credit hours, taking course work at a main campus or instructional site.

NOTE: Web-based and hybrid courses are charged at the same tuition and fee rate as regular courses.

Out-of-State Students

All full-time and part-time students who do not meet specific criteria of State Board Policy No. 803.01, under the resident and nonresident categories, are required to pay out-of-state tuition at a rate of two (2) times the in-state rate. All other fees are the same. Students should contact the Office of Student Services for further information regarding appropriate tuition rates.

Other Charges and Fees

Late Registration Fee $25
Returned Check Charge 30
Parking/Traffic Violation 15
Parking in Disabled Parking Space 50
Orientation Fee 30
Parking Decal (required) 10
each additional decal 10
Health Sciences Drug Testing Fee 32
Fee for Additional Diploma 10
Nursing Liability Insurance 13
Nursing Testing Fee (per semester) 450
EMS Liability Insurance 55
SUR Liability Insurance 13
SUR Lab Fee (102) 100
SUR Testing Fee (103) 95
SUR Testing Fee (104) 247
EMS Testing Fee (per semester) 35
Paramedic National Registry Testing Fee 125
Advanced EMS National Registry Testing Fee 115
Basic EMS National Registry Testing Fee 80
Health Science Background Check 33.50
Compliance Certification 20

Truck Driving Tuition

Alabama Resident  
The Department of Transportation regulations require that all truck driving students undergo drug screening. Since the test is conducted by an independent health service, the student must be prepared to pay the screening fee (cash or money order only). The test will be conducted the first day of the class.

Tuition and Fees: $1,566.00
Additional expenses: $217.50
(Drug testing, physical exam, written test, permit and license fees)

Total Truck Driving Tuition, fees and expenses $1,783.50

*Fees include Building, Bond Reserve, Facilities Renewal, Technology and Library

Student Housing

Applications for housing and residence hall rent/fee information may be obtained in the Office of Student Services or by clicking here for the Fayette Campus and clicking here for the Hamilton Campus.


All tuition and fees required of any student at Bevill State are due at the time of registration. A student is not officially registered until tuition and fees are paid or assumed by financial assistance.

Refund Policy

To request a refund, a Change/Withdrawal-Refund Request Form must be submitted to the Business Office. Refunds are issued by the Business Office on designated dates each term.

Partial Withdrawal During the Schedule Change Period

A student who officially drops a course during the Schedule Change Period will be refunded the difference in tuition paid and the tuition rate applicable to the reduced number of hours, plus all refundable fees. After the Schedule Change Period, no refunds are issued for partial withdrawal.

Withdrawal from the College - Full Term*

A student who officially withdraws before the first day of class from all courses will be refunded the total tuition, plus refundable fees. A student who officially withdraws from the College (all courses) during the first seven calendar days of class (inclusive of Saturday and Sunday) will receive 75 percent of refundable tuition, plus refundable fees.* Students who officially withdraw from the College after the first seven calendar days after the beginning of the term and on or before the fourteenth calendar day after the beginning of the term will receive 50 percent of refundable tuition, plus all refundable fees. Students who officially withdraw from the College after the fourteenth calendar day after the beginning of the term and on or before the twenty-first calendar day after the beginning of the term will receive 25 percent of refundable tuition, plus all refundable fees.*

NOTE: Refunds for Truck Driver Training tuition and housing payments are calculated at the same rate as noted above. Refund policy for financial assistance recipients is outlined in the Financial Assistance section of this catalog.

Withdrawal from the College Mini Term*

The refund policy for mini terms is a compressed version of the regular refund policy.

NOTE: A student who adds classes will be charged additional tuition and fees at the applicable rate.

Returned Check Policy

When a check for tuition and fees is returned, the Business Office will immediately notify the student. The student will be advised that if payment for tuition and fees is not made within five (5) days from the date of the notification, the student will be removed from all class rosters. There is a $30 fee for each returned check.

If the student fails to respond within five (5) days, the Business Office notifies the Office of Student Services to remove the student from all class rosters. The instructor of each course will be notified by the Office of Student Services of the College’s action to remove the student from his/her class roster. The student will not be allowed to re-enroll until all outstanding debts to the College are satisfied and will be placed on a cash-only basis. The instructor may not add a student to his/her class roster until he or she is notified to do so.

Delinquent Accounts

A student who has a delinquent account at the College for any fee or fine may not complete registration until his/her account has been satisfied. The Bevill State Community College may withhold transcripts and diplomas until all indebtedness is paid.

*A portion of the tuition is earmarked by the State Board of Education for retirement of debt and cannot be refunded. This non-refundable tuition is $37 for students taking 9 or more hours, $30 for students taking 6-8 hours, and $22 for students taking fewer than 6 hours