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Certification of Courses for Veterans

Admissions to the college must be completed before an enrollment certification can be submitted. Students that have received college credit at other institutions are certified only for courses necessary to complete the declared program of study at Bevill State Community College. All students are required to have an official transcript on file with Admissions prior to the submission of a certification.

Certification is granted only for hours required to complete the selected program of study. However, certification may be granted for remedial and developmental course credit if such courses are necessary for the student to reach his or her objective.  Only one program may be pursued under certification of benefits. The VA will not pay for courses that are taken under an unapproved program after the approved program is completed.

Veterans may change a program of study and continue to receive benefits if the new program of study is approved by VA. Courses that award audit credit, no credit, or are not required by the student's declared program of study cannot be certified. Also, courses for which a student has already received a passing grade will not be certified unless a minimum grade requirement exists.
Should a student receiving VA Educational Benefits register for a course that is not required by the declared program of study or a course for audit credit or no credit, his or her benefits may be reduced at any time during the semester. This action may occur without notification to the student.

Students should allow 2-3 weeks for certifications to be submitted. All students receiving VA Educational Benefits are responsible for payment of tuition at the time of registration with the exception of Post 9/11 students. Please note that if you are a Post 9/11 student and your benefits level is less than 100%, you must pay the difference the VA doesn't cover at the time of registration. (A copy of your certificate of eligibility must be on file.)

VA will not pay any out of state tuition for Post 9/11. Enrollment certifications will not be submitted until payment has been received.

Veteran Assistance