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Bevill State Foundation Donates Bus to Bevill State Community College

March 27, 2019

Bevill State Community College is pleased to announce the donation of a 2019 Startran PS/2 bus by the Bevill State Foundation. On Friday, March 22, 2019, the much-needed passenger bus was delivered to the Fayette Campus of the College where the keys were presented by board members of the Bevill Foundation.

“We are so excited to be able to present this bus to the Fayette Campus of Bevill State for its use in transporting students involved in athletics and student organizations,” said Dr. Camilla Benton, President of the Bevill Foundation. “The Foundation and the College have a long-standing, effective partnership, working together to maintain the strength of Bevill State. Over the previous two years, the Bevill Foundation has awarded in excess of $260,000 in scholarships for the Fayette Campus, in addition to providing assistance on various facilities projects. The College currently provides office space to the Foundation which recently relocated to the Bevill Building.”

Dr. Benton went on to state, “Mr. Earl McDonald established the Bevill Foundation so that deserving students could realize their dream of pursuing education through scholarships. He was also aware that the campus would need support on various projects. The future of this campus and its importance to the community were the basis of his goals. Returns on investments are used annually to provide this assistance. Former Board member, John Jeans, was a valuable member who worked tirelessly with us to ensure our investments stayed on track to make this day possible.”

“The Bevill Foundation has solidly maintained their support for the College through scholarships and donations of equipment. Providing Bevill State with a bus for student and student-athlete transportation is a substantial contribution. It shows their continued belief in the mission of the institution and the value it brings to this area. I am grateful for the support they give to Bevill State,” stated Dr. Kim Ennis, President of Bevill State Community College.

For more information contact Tana L. Collins at 800.648.3271 ext. 5742 or by email at tana.collins@bscc.edu.