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Bevill State Premieres New Commercial

April 07, 2016

BSCC Students Shannie Johnson, Drew Johnson, Lauren Dyer, and Karen Manley are filmed for the College's new commercial.

Film premieres are usually held in New York or Hollywood, but the Jasper Campus of Bevill State Community College was recently the site of a very special debut. The College unveiled its newest commercial starring 12 of its students at a premiere party that included the students, their guests, and Bevill State employees.

The new commercial is part of a new campaign for the College. The theme is “Your Story Starts at Bevill State.”

“Our students have some wonderful stories to tell, and this campaign, and the commercial in particular highlights these stories,” explained Dr. Chris Franklin, director of Public Relations for Bevill State. “We hope to share as many stories as possible, and the new commercial is a great way to get these stories started.”

While the stories are the center of the campaign, the students who share them are the heart of it. The commercial stars students from each Campus of Bevill State. Students were asked to volunteer and were then interviewed. Over 200 students inquired about the commercial, with over 60 interviews scheduled from the inquiries.

“It was very hard to choose the students to be in the commercial. I wish we could have used all the students who were interviewed, but I do feel we have a great representation from the students who were selected,” said Dr. Franklin.

The students who were selected to participate include: Allie Gilmer and Amber Washington from the Fayette Campus; Xavier Chaney, Drew Johnson, Ryan Jones, and Loreanna McKinney from the Hamilton Campus; Lauren Dyer and Shannie Johnson from the Jasper Campus; and Karen Manley, Destiny Meadows, Kayla Simpson, and Mason Smith from the Sumiton Campus.

The commercials were produced in Birmingham by Spectrum Reach, formerly Charter Media. Spectrum was also the sponsor of the premiere party. Seven version of the commercial were produced and began airing to coincide with Bevill State’s Advanced Summer Registration period which began March 29.