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Bevill State Unveils Plans for College-Wide Facilities Projects

September 14, 2016

Bevill State Community College President Larry Ferguson announced today that the college is initiating several college-wide facilities maintenance and repair projects to begin this fall.  According to Dr. Ferguson, these repairs were necessary due to longstanding deferred maintenance, a strategy which helped keep costs down due to budgetary constraints. 

“By working with Alabama Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed and Alabama Community College System Acting Chancellor Jimmy Baker, we conducted an informal, opportunity-based audit.  This process helped identify funding within our existing allocated budget to support these projects. It is all about learning how to best leverage the resources you have to meet the needs of our internal and external customers," explained Dr. Ferguson. 

“This is a great step forward for Bevill State. I am so pleased we have been able to secure the funds necessary to get these capital improvement projects underway,” said Senator Reed. “Sports teams are coming back, student enrollment is up, a wide range of innovative workforce development programs are offered through BSCC, and now many of the buildings on campus will receive necessary repairs and upgrades – it’s an exciting time for our college and our community.”

Senator Reed added, “It has been a pleasure for me to be an ambassador for the college and to share BSCC’s unique story with government and business leaders across Alabama. I strongly encourage our local community leaders to continue to actively support Dr. Ferguson and Bevill State. A strong, collaborative partnership between our community and our college will give our students tremendous educational opportunities, and benefit the entire area.”  

Dr. Ferguson said that this is only the beginning in working toward ensuring that the college is able to provide suitable facilities to meet the needs of our students and business and industry partners.

“At Bevill State, we are focused on the student experience.  The enhancements we plan to make through these facilities projects ensure that we create a welcoming, beneficial student environment, one that assists our students in reaching their educational, professional, and personal goals,” said Dr. Ferguson.