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Bevill State's scholar's bowl team places in national tournament

March 02, 2016

Bevill State Community College’s Scholar’s Bowl teams continue to prove they are competitive when it comes to playing on the national level.  The College had two teams place in the top twenty at the National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) Community College Championship Tournament in Atlanta Feb 26 and 27.

The Jasper Campus team finished fifth in the tournament, while the Fayette Campus team finished twentieth.  Over 60 schools competed at Sectional Championship Tournaments around the country for a chance to participate in the NAQT tournament.

Since the Community College Championship Tournament began in 2009, the Fayette Campus team has qualified for the championship six times, finishing as high as eighth in 2010.  The Jasper Campus team has qualified for all eight tournaments with this year’s fifth place finish ranking as their best.  It was the team’s fourth top 10 finish.

“I’m really proud of our students for doing so well.  We’re going up against some colleges with as many as 40,000 students, more time to practice, and greater resources, and yet Bevill State always finishes in the thick of things, so I think our students stack up pretty well,” said Glenn Allen Bobo, chemistry Instructor and Jasper Team Co-Sponsor.

Questions for the community college tournament can range from ones found in community college curriculum, to questions about current events, sports, and popular culture. The matches feature a blend of individual competition and team collaboration.

Students participating from Jasper were Brandon Lane, Becky Evans, Dylan Childress, Drew Wright, Brock Herron, Logan Mickis, and Brittney Willcutt.  Fayette students participating included Scout Turner, Cody Daniel, Tom McDaniel, Sam Sider, Conrad Spears, Morissa Moore, Josh Cobb, and Erica Walker.

Over 100 students participated in the tournament, and Lane and Evans were both selected to the All Star Team by virtue of their top 12 individual scoring rank.

In addition to Bobo, Physics and Math Instructor Jim Sanford sponsors the Jasper Campus Team.  The Fayette Campus sponsor is History Instructor David Schroeder.

“I would like to congratulate our team sponsors and especially our students for the fantastic job they did representing the College.  Their performance is an excellent example of the caliber of students we have at Bevill State. I am very proud of what they were able to accomplish,” said Dr. Larry Ferguson, president of Bevill State.