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Bevill State Community College is a community where students are exposed to excellent teaching that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. We offer a wide choice of courses and programs available to students which assist them in the achievement of their educational goals. In the Bevill State Community College Academic path, you can earn an associate degree while starting a four-year college plan. We want to ensure your success!

Please take time to review our academic information and contact us if you have any questions.

Alabama Transfers Program

Students seeking to continue onto higher education after achieving an Associate degree from Bevill State should become familiar with Alabama Transfers, which provides very specific information about the requirements in each subject area for a given transfer institution.

What is Alabama Transfers?

The Alabama Transfers website provides students with the ability to print a transfer guide for his/her major and enter into a binding contract with the transfer institution in his/her program of study. The contract is not binding on the student but is binding on the transfer institution, provided that the student does not change majors and takes the courses listed in the transfer guides.


University of Mississippi-Tupelo Partnership

Bevill State Community College and the University of Mississippi at Tupelo have on ongoing partnership to seamlessly assist Bevill State graduates transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at UM-Tupelo. The partnership ensures that previously earned academic coursework at Bevill State transfers to a UM bachelor’s degree program. Programs available to BSCC graduates include Allied Health Studies, Accountancy, Business, Criminal Justice, Law Studies, Social Work, Education, Integrated Marketing Communications, Psychology, and Multi-Disciplinary Studies.  Other program options are available as well.

To check the transferability of a course online visit UM Transfer Course Equivalencies.  You can search by institution for a particular course to learn if it will transfer and how it is referenced at Ole Miss.

However, the best way to see where you stand is to schedule a visit at the Advanced Education Center in Tupelo for a one-on-one consultation with one of the counselors there. They will answer your questions about course transferability, financial aid, admissions, and program requirements at UM-Tupelo.  In addition, their staff will review your transcript, help clarify what credits may transfer, and guide you through the transfer process.

At Bevill State Community College, we offer flexible and convenient scheduling options for classes including traditional in-person, online, virtual, and hybrid classes.