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Apprenticeship Program

The Bevill State Community College Apprenticeship Program is offered in three stages:

  • Youth Pre-Apprenticeship - Dual Enrolled student who has applied and been accepted into the Youth Pre-Apprenticeship. Upon graduation, a Youth Pre-Apprentice will have the opportunity to interview for an Apprenticeship position.
  • Pre-Apprenticeship – Those interested in an apprentice position will first apply for the Pre-Apprenticeship and then begin the program. 
  • Apprenticeship Program - This program will be registered with the Office of Apprenticeship (AOA). Bevill State is currently offering an A.A.S. degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, which will offer four options, Automation, Industrial Maintenance, Machine Tool Technology, and Welding Technology. To begin the process individuals will apply for the Pre-Apprenticeship program and then proceed to interview for an Apprenticeship position.

Pre-Apprenticeship application

Apply for our Registered Apprenticeship in Welding or Machine Tool Technology