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Systems Information Technology

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Short-term Certificate
  • Short-term Specialized Certifications

Students seeking immediate employment in the field of computer science would likely choose the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Computer Science or the short-term certificate program of study. The AAS program is a two-year career program consisting of general education and computer science courses and is designed to allow graduates to transfer into a baccalaureate program.

The Short-Term Certificate programs are designed for students with basic computer skills who wish to enhance and update their existing competencies.

Skills for Success

Graduates in computer science have a variety of vocational opportunities, including data entry specialists, computer support specialists, computer programmers, computer system analysts, network analysts, network administrators, computer and information systems managers, and engineers in computer software and hardware.

For more information about the Systems Information Technology program, contact Bevill State Community College toll free at 1-800-648-3271 or one of the contacts listed below.

Fayette Campus

Dr. Kristy Ramsey
1800-648-3271, ext. 5194

Hamilton Campus

Dr. Beth Gibbs
1800-648-3271, ext. 5317