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Utility Vegetation Management

The Urban Forestry Technician short-term certificate program is designed to prepare students for employment with companies in the forestry industry that utilize vegetation management, pest management, urban forestry, and safety regulations. In addition, students will have the opportunity to obtain eight industry certifications through Green Industries and the State of Alabama.

These certifications include:

  1. Utility Vegetation Management
  2. Urban Forestry Certification
  3. Integrated Pest Management Certification
  4. CPR Certification
  5. Ornamental and Turf Pest Control License 
  6. Right of Way Pest Control State License 
  7. Alabama Pesticide Applicator Certification
  8. Certified Grounds Technician Certification

Student learning outcomes for the short-certificate program include:

  1. Students will learn key principles and strategies for managing vegetation in all utility Right of Ways with special attention placed on the electrical line clearance industry.
  2. Students will learn basic concepts of tree and plant physiology, planting, and management of trees and related vegetation.
  3. Students will be able to identify types of pests, as well as proper pesticide usage.
  4. Students will be to perform learn basic overview of equipment use and protocols to safely perform job duties.

The College is offering the new Short-Term Certificate Program (13 credit hours) in Urban Forestry Technician beginning in the Fall 2022 term pending SACSCOC approval. It will primarily be taught at high school locations in the Bevill State service area.

Although the Urban Forestry Technician program will initially serve dual enrollment students at the proposed off-campus instructional sites as well as four previously approved sites, there are plans to expand the program to other BSCC campus locations in future semesters which will allow traditional and non-traditional students, incumbent workers, etc. to enroll. Although a variety of instructional delivery methods will be used, 50% or more of instruction will be conducted using the customary face-to-face classroom/laboratory work at the off-campus instructional site. Instructional support will be available using Canvas, the College’s learning management system.

Upon successful completion, the student will be able test for several industry recognized certifications and have the skills necessary for entry level employment as a forestry technician.

Short-Term Certificate – Urban Forestry Technician

Course # Course Title Credit Hrs
ORI 107 Student Survival Skills (Orientation) 1
FOR 195 Utility Vegetation Management 3
FOR 197 Urban Forestry 3
FOR 198 Integrated Pest Management 3
FOR 199 Equipment Use and Safety 3

The table below displays a projected schedule of course offerings for the new program:

First Semester (7 credit hours) Second Semester (6 credit hours)
ORI 107 Student Survival Skills (1) FOR 198 Integrated Pest Management (3)
FOR 195 Utility Vegetation Management (3) FOR 199 Equipment Use and Safety (3)
FOR 197 Urban Forestry (3)