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Business and Industry Education and Training photoBusiness & Industry Education and Training

Bevill State has combined the powerful resources of a regional multi-campus college to create a comprehensive approach to workforce education, training, and customized business and industry solutions. Bevill State’s Division of Workforce Solutions offers full-service training, customized to the needs of your business and geared toward working with companies to make sound investments in employee training. Classes can be conducted at one of the five Bevill State locations, on site at the business facility, or a combination of both.

Funding for training may be available through the Alabama Community College System’s Existing Industry Training Program.

  • Objective: To train and provide skills upgrades to existing full-time, permanent employees; especially when the training will result in wage increases in for employees or when the training is critical to job retention.
  • Process: A Workforce Solutions Specialist will facilitate completion of the grant forms and submit the grant for approval and ranking. The process takes about 30 days once the grant is submitted to ACCS. Limited funds are available each year.
  • Funding: The maximum funding allowed is $15,000 per company, per project. Alliances of multiple companies can qualify for more per training project. There is a $60,000, 10-year maximum benefit.
  • Terms & Conditions: There is a $1 for $1 match. This can be in-kind (employee wages and benefits, facilities, materials, etc.)

Contact Workforce Solutions

800.648.3271, ext. 5713