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Hamilton Truck Driver Training

About Commercial Truck Drivers

A commercial drivers’ license (CDL) is a driver’s license required for commercial operation of large, heavy or placarded hazardous material vehicles in the Untied States. Driving specialized vehicles such as buses, tank trucks, or carrying hazardous materials requires that you obtain the proper endorsements. Endorsements require a specialized knowledge test, sometimes a specialized driving skills test, and possibly a background check and/or fingerprints. Commercial drivers may operate public transportation buses or school buses, drive cement trucks, deliver goods such as linens, groceries, vehicles, or freight. Drivers may work with one city or region, within a state, or may driver across the country or continent as a long haul driver.

Career Opportunities for Commercial Truck Drivers

CDL drivers have a bright outlook on the job market with a 6% rate of job growth, equal to about 4,260 new jobs each year until 2028. The average driver in Alabama makes about $41,150 annually, with a range of $25,690 for the lower end and $64,210 for the higher end.

HOW TO APPLY:         1) Determine if you meet the basic qualifications:

                                                ● Age 18 and older

● Have valid driver’s license and driving record free of violations that would hinder/prevent employment

                                                ● Mentally alert and of good character

                                                ● Able to read and write the English language

                                                ● Able to pass DOT physical and drug screening

                                    2) Visit your local Alabama Career Center

                                    2) Tell them that you want to apply for WIOA to enroll in Bevill State’s Hamilton Truck Driver Training Program

                                    3) If you are eligible for WIOA, you must complete the class application

                                                ● Your career center representative may have access to the application

                                                ● If you do not have access to the application, contact Amanda Clement Tice (see below)

                                                ● Class size is limited to 4 students per class. You will be notified if you secure one of the seats.

4) You will be provided a voucher for the DOT physical (prior to day 1) and drug screening (after permit is received)

                                                ● Your career center representative may have access to the voucher

                                                ● If you do not have access to the voucher, contact Amanda Clement Tice (see below)

For more information contact

Amanda Clement Tice

800.648.3271, Ext. 5323