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Congratulations to the students listed below on being selected as Honors Awards recipients for the 2019-2020 academic year at Bevill State Community College - Fayette Campus, Hamilton Campus, Jasper Campus, and Sumiton Campus. The honor of receiving these awards reflects the hard work and dedication they have exhibited. This is an outstanding distinction and Bevill State would like you to know that we share their pride in this notable accomplishment.

These students have distinguished themselves as students who pursue excellence and go far beyond expectations. We know that these traits will carry over and serve them well in future pursuits.

During this unusual time, Bevill State Community College wants to be able to share in the excitement of these awards. If you received an Honors Award, please take a photo with you and your award certificate and share to social media. Please tag Bevill State Community College and use the hashtag #BevillHonors20. This will allow us to share your accomplishment, too.

Again, Bevill State commends you for this achievement.


Teresa Aldridge - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Parker Bailey - Future Engineers and Mathematicians of Bevill - Vice President (Leadership)
Parker Bailey – Ambassador (Service)
Alana Ballard  - Ambassador (Service)
Alana Ballard - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Brandtley Barrentine - Ambassador – President (Leadership)
Mallory Beasley - Ambassador – Secretary (Leadership)
Tyler Bryan - Phi Theta Kappa – President (Leadership)
Tyler Bryan - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Haley Carr - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Joseph Carr - National Society of Leadership and Succeess (Leadership)
Tyler Cunningham - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Kathryn Davidson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Candice Davis - Student Nurses Association (Service)
Trudy Dawkins - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Gracie Dodd - General Education, Biology (Academic)
Gracie Dodd – Ambassdor (Service)
Jamie Doss - General Education, Psychology (Academic)
Ashley Farley – Ambassador (Service)
Dalton Files – Ambassador (Service)
Rose Galloway - Career Technical, Management and Entrepreneurship (Academic)
Angelica Griffin - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jaden Guy - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Will Hankins - Ambassador - Vice President (Leadership)
Katilyn Hardin - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Malinda Hindman – Ambassador (Service)
Malinda Hindman - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Blake Hollis - General Education, Chemistry (Academic)
Blake Hollis - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Blake Hollis – General Education, Western Civilization (Academic)
Blake Hollis- Student Support Services (Service)
Brandon Hollis - General Education, Human Anatomy and Physiology (Academic)
Brandon Hollis - General Education, Microbiology (Academic)
Brandon Hollis - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Nick Holmes – Ambassador (Service)
Lisa Howell - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Terry Howell - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Amy Hutchins - Career Technical, Child Development (Academic)
Kevin Johnson - Student Government Association (Service)
Preston Jones  - All-Alabama Academic Team (Academic)
Preston Jones  - New Century Scholar (Academic)
Preston Jones  - All-USA Academic Team Nominee (Career Teach)
Preston Jones - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Caelan Killingsworth - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Michael Kimbrell - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Joe Koster - Career Technical, Welding Technology (Academic)
Carley Lamb - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Hunter Lister - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Hunter Lister - General Education, US History (Academic)
Mason McCord - Campus Ministries – President (Leadership)
Meagan McIntyre – Ambassador (Service)
Carley Meisenholder - General Education, Accounting (Academic)
Deonna Miller - Ambassador (Service)
Deonna Miller  - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jackson Moore - Student Government Association – President (Leadership)
Jackson Moore – Ambassador (Service)
Ny'Kenzie Nalls – Ambassador (Service)
Josh O'Mary - Future Engineers and Mathematicians of Bevill – Treasurer (Leadership)
Marsha Porter - Sigma Kappa Delta - Vice President (Leadership)
Breanna Ray - General Education, English Literature (Academic)
Breanna Ray - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jeffery Sawyer - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Courtney Shaw - All-USA Academic Team Nominee (Academic)
Courtney Shaw - Student Government Association - Vice President (Leadership)
Courtney Shaw - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jacob Shirley - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Matthew Shirley - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jacqueline Simmons - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Angela Simpson - General Education, Art Appreciation (Academic)
Angela Simpson - General Education, Freshman Mathematics (Academic)
Skyler Sims - General Education, Business (Academic)
Skyler Sims - General Education, Economics (Academic)
Skyler Sims - National Society of Leadership and Success (Leadership)
Skyler Sims - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Brooke Swindle - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Amy Tucker - Career Technical, Computer Science Information Technology (Academic)
Amy Tucker - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jonathan Tucker - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Davis Vails - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Austin Vice - Career Technical, Electrical Systems Technology (Academic)
Lauren Vines - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Bethany Vintson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Bradley Waid - Health Sciences, Associate Degree Nursing (Academic)
Tyler Wilkins - General Education, Calculus (Academic)
Tyler Wilkins - General Education, Engineering (Academic)
Tyler Wilkins- All-Alabama Academic Team (Academic)
Tyler Wilkins - All-USA Academic Team Nominee (Academic)
Tyler Wilkins - Coca-Cola Gold Scholar (Academic)
Tyler Wilkins - Future Engineers and Mathematicians of Bevill – President (Leadership)
Tyler Wilkins - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Grant Williams - Bevill Scholars (Academic)


Samuel Argersinger - Career Technical, Vehicle Technology Repair Automotive Service Excellence (Academic)
Kristie Bell - National Society of Leadership and Success (Leadership)
Kristie Bell - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Malorie Bishop - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Melanie Bishop - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Angel Cagle - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Lee Cobb - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Emily Cooper - Career Technical, Child Development (Academic)
Kody Crumpton - Career Technical, Advanced Engineering Design Technology (Academic)
Jeannie Dodd - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Tania Dominguez - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Alyssa Donaldson - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Abigayle Dunkin - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Abigayle Dunkin - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Courtney Eddy - General Education, Chemistry (Academic)
Courtney Eddy - General Education, General Studies Student of the Year (Academic)
Courtney Eddy - General Education, Physics (Academic)
Courtney Eddy - All-USA Academic Team Nominee (Academic)
Courtney Eddy - Coca-Cola Silver Scholar (Academic)
Courtney Eddy - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Courtney Eddy - Ambassador (Leadership)
Courtney Eddy - Delta Rho Sigma (Leadership)
Courtney Eddy - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Courtney Eddy - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
John Robert Ellis - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Mckenna Evans - Career Technical, Computer Science (Academic)
Mckenna Evans - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
John Forester - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Hannah Foster - National Society of Leadership and Success (Service)
Alex Galloway - Skills USA (Leadership)
Alex Galloway - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Collin Gann – Ambassador (Service)
Collin Gann - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Shelly Graham - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Shelly Graham - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Joshua Harris - General Education, Business Administration (Academic)
Bailey Harris - General Education, Social Sciences (Academic)
Eric Lofton - Career Technical, Career Technical Student of the Year (Academic)
Eric Lofton - Career Technical, Electrical Systems Technology (Academic)
Austin Lolley - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Aaron Lowman - Career Technical, Machine Tool Technology (Academic)
Aaron Lowman - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Shelia Martin - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Jacob Mashburn - Career Technical, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Academic)
Jacob Mashburn - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Ethan Mattingly - Student Government Association (Service)
Lily McDonald - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Nikki Moore - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Nikki Moore - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Shane Newell - General Education, Mathematics (Academic)
Shane Newell - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Shane Newell - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
James Nichols - Skills USA (Leadership)
James Nichols - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Joshua Nowlin - Skills USA (Leadership)
Mallory Parker - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Sierra Pendley - Student Government Association (Service)
Mary Pickle - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Dalton Rackard - All-USA Academic Team Nominee (Academic)
Dalton Rackard - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Dalton Rackard - Delta Rho Sigma (Leadership)
Dalton Rackard - Student Government Association (Service)
Whitney Robison - Alpha Psi Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Leadership)
Whitney Robison – Ambassador (Leadership)
Whitney Robison - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Whitney Robison  - Student Nurse Association (Service)
Whitney Robison - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Skyler Smith - Career Technical, Salon and Spa Management (Academic)
Morgan Smith - General Education, English (Academic)
Skyler Smith - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Amarent Sparks - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Austin Upton - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Ty  Walker - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Justin Webb - Student Government Association (Service)
Stacie Webster - Health Sciences, Nursing (Academic)
Anthony Whalen - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Caleb Winters - Career Technical, Welding Technology (Academic)
Caleb Winters - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Kolbie Young - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Robyn Zills - General Education, Biological Sciences (Academic)


Caleb Aaron – Ambassador (Leadership)
Gracie Aaron – Ambassador (Service)
Gracie Aaron - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Elijah Abbott - General Education, Music (Academic)
Elijah Abbott - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Hannah Alsup - General Education, Biology (Academic)
Hannah Alsup – Ambassador (Service)
Jakob Atkins - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Caleb Garrett Benson - Career Technical, Machine Tool Technology (Academic)
Olivia Blanton – Ambassador (Service)
Fernandus Brown - Student Support Services (Leadership)
Cole Burgett – Ambassador (Service)
Sarah Cain - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Melanie Chatham - Health Sciences, Nursing (Academic)
Melanie Chatham - Student Nurses Association (Leadership)
Samuel Cooper - General Education, Engineering (Academic)
Samuel Cooper - General Education, Math (Academic)
Samuel Cooper - General Education, Physics (Academic)
Samuel Cooper - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Jack England - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Caleb Ferguson - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Isaac Ferguson - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Emma Fincher - General Education, History (Academic)
Emma Fincher - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Melanie Ford - Student Nurses Association/Red Cross Club (Leadership)
Abby Gibson - General Education, English (Academic)
Abby Gibson - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Cody Gilbert - Circle K (Leadership)
Cody Gilbert - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Cody Gilbert - Student Support Services (Leadership)
Gregory Gilmore - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Lauren Gregory - All Alabama Nominee (Academic)
Lauren Gregory - Coca-Cola Bronze Scholar (Academic)
Lauren Gregory – Ambassador (Leadership)
Lauren Gregory - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Caitlyn Guenzler - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Mackenzie Hamilton - Student Support Services (Leadership)
Holly Hand - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Erin Harbin - Student Support Services (Leadership)
Hilary Harbin - Student Support Services (Leadership)
Elizabeth Hendon - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Maria Hernandez - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Emily Horton - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Treasure Hudson - Sigma Kappa Delta (Leadership)
Treasure Hudson - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Hunter Jenkins - Ambassador (Leadership)
Hunter Jenkins - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Kaiden Kennedy - All Alabama Nominee (Academic)
Kaiden Kennedy - Coca Cola Bronze Scholar (Academic)
Kaiden Kennedy – Ambassador (Service)
Kaiden  Kennedy - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Lenzi Knight - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Abigail League - Career Technical, Child Development (Academic)
Abigail League - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Stephanie Lisby - Student Nurses Association (Leadership)
Silvana Lopez - Student Government Association (Leadership)
Alie May – Ambassador (Service)
Isaac Mays – Ambassador (Service)
Macy Medeiros - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Marlana Morgan - Student Nurses Association (Leadership)
Jacob Padgett – Ambassador (Leadership)
Allie Parr - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Ivy Pridmore - Student Nurses Association (Leadership)
Alexandra Rivers - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Kayla Sargent - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Maggie Sides - Student Nurses Association/Red Cross Club (Leadership)
Caleb Sides - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Brylee Smith - Circle K (Leadership)
Frances Stephens - American Red Cross Club (Service)
Nicholas Stidham - Bevill Scholar (Academic)
Bailey Thompson – Ambassador (Service)
Caitlin Vines - General Education, Microcomputer Applications (Academic)
Marilyn Williams - General Education, Psychology (Academic)
Marilyn Williams - Health Sciences, Nursing (Academic)
Jaxton Williams - Phi Kappa Delta (Service)
Maranda Wilson - Student Support Services (Leadership)


Emily Allred - General Education, Speech (Academic)
Emily Allred – Ambassador (Service)
Luke Barnett - Career Technical, Electrical Systems Technology (Academic)
Tyler Barrett - General Education, Business (Academic)
Tyler Barrett – Ambassador (Service)
Christopher Bearden - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Skylar Birdyshaw - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Kaedon Blevins - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Sara Bozeman - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Taylor Brown - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Lori Chieffo - Career Technical, Office Administration Technology (Academic)
Donavon Clark - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Alexandria Crocker - National Society of Leadership & Success (Leadership)
Riley Davis – Ambassador (Service)
Mary Driskell - General Education, English (Academic)
Mary Driskell - General Education, Most Outstanding General Studies (Academic)
Mary Driskell - General Education, Psychology (Academic)
Mary Driskell - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Victoria Duncan - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Linsey Earley - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Jeremiah Early - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Brittney Fayet – Ambassador (Service)
Jared Frost - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Karsen Frye – Nursing (Leadership)
London Gray – Ambassador (Service)
Kelly Green – Ambassador (Service)
Felicia Harris - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Chelsey Henderson – Ambassador (Service)
Billy Holland - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Sammy Jacks - Career Technical, Vehicle Technology Repair - Auto Body (Academic)
Allison Jackson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Reiley Jones – Ambassador (Service)
Blakely Julian – Ambassador (Service)
Andrea Kelley - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Austin Kendrick - Career Technical, Engineering &Drafting Design (Academic)
Austin Kendrick - Career Technical, Most Outstanding Career Technical Division (Academic)
Victoria Knighten - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Mattilyn Light – Ambassador (Service)
Caleb Martin - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Brianna McAnnally - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Trace McCormack - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Michael Montroy - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Sarah Murry - Health Sciences, Most Outstanding Health Science (Academic)
Sarah Murry – Nursing (Leadership)
Jack Pate - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Nicholas Perskey - General Education, Math (Academic)
Ashley Richardson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Lea Rizzo - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Olivia Rizzo - National Society of Leadership & Success (Service)
Olivia Rizzo - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
David Robinson - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Shelby Sanford - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Shelby Sanford – Ambassador (Service)
Dakota Seagle – Ambassador (Leadership)
Dakota Seagle - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Courtney Shyrie - Career Technical, Salon and Spa Management (Academic)
Courtney Shyrie - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Toni Sloan - Health Sciences, Nursing (Academic)
Erin Smith – Nursing (Leadership)
Jordyn Smith – Ambassador (Service)
Nicolas Tanner - General Education, Economics (Academic)
Brelan Thomas - General Education, History (Academic)
Brelan Thomas - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Tiffany Thomas - Bevill Scholars (Academic)
Raley Vines - Bevill Scholars (Academic)