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Registration Assistance



How to Register:

Students who are clear in admissions and have a Student ID Number (A#) can search for classes by clicking on the OneACCS, the Self-Service Banner, link located at the top of the Bevill State Community College homepage.

Beginning Fall 2020, all students will use OneACCS to register for classes.

To access the new OneACCS Banner Self Service, you must use your username and the password (BSCC plus your six-digit date of birth): 

BSCC OneACCS Login Screen 1

  • Once you sign into OneACCS
    • Click Student
      • Registration
      • Look up Classes
      • Select a Term 

The Registration menu.

Select Student Screen OneACCS

Select Registration Screen OneACCS

Select Term Screen OneACCS

Adding and Dropping Classes

Clicking on Registration gives you the following menu choices. Click on Add or Drop Classes.

Add or Drop Screen OneACCS

This is the Add Classes Worksheet. Enter Course Reference Numbers (CRN) in the highlighted area to add classes to your schedule (register for the semester).

Add or Drop Classes Screen 2 OneACCS

Student Profile

Click the Student Tab
Click Student Profile

This screen will provide you a complete view of your student record. You can view holds if you have any on your account, advisor information, program of study and class schedule.

Student Profile Screen

Registration Status

Click the Student Tab
Click Registration
Click Registration Status                                                  

Registration Status Screen OneACCS

Your Registration Status screen appears. It will tell you if you have Holds, your academic standing, if you can register and what classification you are.

Registration Status Screen 2 OneACCS

Academic Transcript

Click the Student Tab
Click Student Records
Click Unofficial Transcript

Student Records/Academic Transcript Screen OneACCS

Select the Transcript Level and Transcript Type from the drop-down menus. The Transcript Level will be undergraduate and the default Transcript Type is Unofficial Web Transcript. This transcript shows all work from your current institution as well as specific transfer work.

Click Submit.

Academic Transcript Screen OneACCS

Account Summary

Click the Student Tab
Click Student Account
Click Account Summary

Account Summary Screen OneACCS

This option allows you to see a summary of your tuition, fees and miscellaneous charges as well as any financial aid or payments that have been applied. You can view your Account Detail by Term if you want to see more detail.

Account Summary Screen 2 OneACCS

 OneACCS Student Self Service Guide (PDF)

Course Overload

Special approval from the Campus Dean or his/her designee is required for students who desire to register for more than 19 credit hours. Students may not register for more than 24 credit hours during any term. The student must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA to request a course overload.

Schedule Changes/Drop and Add

All schedule changes must be made during the official schedule change period. Students should contact their program advisor to initiate a schedule change. Schedule changes may also change a student’s financial aid status.

Withdrawal From a Course

After the schedule change period, a student who drops a course may do so through their OneACCS account.

NOTE: Students must drop classes by the last regularly scheduled day of class.

Withdrawal From the College

Students withdrawing from the College may do so by completing a Change/Withdrawal-Refund Request Form and dropping all courses for which they are registered. This process must be completed in the Office of Student Services or at the appropriate instructional site. Prior to midterm, a grade of "W" will be assigned. After midterm, a grade of "WP" (Withdrawn Passing) or "WF" (Withdrawn Failing) will be assigned, dependent upon whether the student is passing or failing at the time he or she drops. NOTE: Students dropping a class after midterm must do so by the last regularly scheduled day of class.

Administrative Withdrawals

The College may withdraw a student from course rosters for the following reasons:

  • Student has not met prerequisite requirements for a course.
  • Student has not attended course within the first two weeks.
  • Student has not cleared all tuition and/or fees for courses.
  • Student disciplinary action.