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STARS Program

State of Alabama Statewide Transfer & Articulation Reporting SystemStudents seeking to continue onto higher education after achieving an Associates degree from Bevill State, should become familiar with STARS, which provides very specific information about the requirements in each subject area for a given transfer institution.

What is STARS?

The STARS web site provides students with the ability to print a transfer guide for his/her major and enter into a binding contract with the transfer institution in his/her program of study. The contract is not binding on the student, but is binding on the transfer institution, provided that the student does not change majors and takes the courses listed on the transfer guides.

Getting Started

  1. Access the STARS web site
  2. Click on the 'Get the Guide' button
  3. Select Your Transfer Plan
  4. Fill Out the Form Provided (including your Desired Major)
  5. Select the Transfer Institution
  6. Review and Print Your Guide

Course Offerings

Course offerings at Alabama Community Colleges and their transfer equivalency are determined by the Alabama General Studies Committee (AGSC). Academic transfer courses are divided into 3 groups according to their transfer status.

Code A - Common core course
AREA I-IV 41 Hours

Code B - Major/Minor fields of study
AREA V 19-23 Hours

Code C - Additional major courses
which may not be transferable

STARS - Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System - Allows 2-year students in Alabama to obtain a Transfer Guide and Agreement for the major of their choice.