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Student Organizations

Student organizations and activities give the student body an opportunity to make positive contributions to both the community and the institution. Student organizations are open to all students of this institution who qualify for membership. The following is a list of organizations currently open to students of Bevill State Community College:

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities such as dances, parties, trips or other entertainment must be sponsored by recognized campus organizations. The sponsor/advisor for the host organization must be present at each function. College facilities are made available to organizations for such activities when possible. Request forms for extracurricular activities may be obtained from the Office of Student Services. Approval for activities should follow established College procedures. (See Procedures for Approval of Extracurricular and/or Fundraising Activities.) Any student who brings a guest or visitor to the campus or any College sponsored activity is responsible for the conduct of the guest or visitor.


Ambassadors are chosen on the basis of academic performance, individual interviews, and leadership abilities. In addition to serving as campus tour guides, Ambassadors host various College events, work with community and civic groups, and serve as College representatives at high school career days and community and civic activities. Ambassadors are selected annually.

Band and Chorus

These musical organizations perform at school concerts, programs, and athletic events. They also conduct concerts for area community events and organizations. Students may receive scholarships and academic credit for participation.

Bevill State Outdoors Club

The goal of the Outdoorsmen Club is for all members to gain a greater respect, appreciation, and understanding of the outdoors and the steps necessary to preserve natures outdoor resources. BSOC also provides a forum through which members can discuss ethics and safety of a responsible outdoorsman as well as Constitutional and related rights regarding all outdoor sports. Membership is open to any Bevill State student.

Campus Ministries

As nondenominational religious organizations, Campus Ministries and Cross Seekers seek to expand members spiritual lives through service, fellowship, study, and recreation.

Circle K

Circle K is an organization open to men and women. Circle K is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and is affiliated with Kiwanis International, Key Club, and Builder's Club.

College Democrats and College Republicans

The purpose of these organizations is to promote voter registration and political awareness. Membership is open to any currently enrolled BSCC student.

Delta Rho Sigma

The purpose of the Delta Rho Sigma honorary is to support the success of pre-professional students from the two-year college. The honorary organization seeks to provide novel member opportunities for pre-professional service, leadership, and scholarship.

Fine Arts Association of Bevill (FAAB)

FAAB is a student organization dedicated to increasing student appreciation and involvement in the Arts.

Future Applied Science Technologists (FAST)

The purpose of the FAST student organization is to recruit new students, assist current students, and raise funds for the Applied Science Departments.

Future Engineers and Mathematicians of Bevill State Community (FEMB)

FEMB is open to any student majoring in Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics. The purpose of FEMB is to inform students and the public of the aspects of engineering and mathematics. FEMB will also assist students in the transfer process to four-year Colleges of Engineering.

Ms. Bevill State Pageant

Any interested students are encouraged to participate. The event is held during the spring semester of each academic year on the Jasper Campus.

National Technical Society

The National Technical Society is an organization to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence and enhance career opportunities. The vision of this organization is to be the leader in providing recognition for excellence in career and technical education and creating significant occupational opportunities for America's top workforce education students.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Phi Beta Lambda is the national post secondary organization for all students enrolled in business, office, or vocational teacher education programs and who accept the purpose of PBL and subscribe to its creed. The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for post secondary students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education. PBL is an important part of the instructional program and promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility. Through PBL, members learn how to lead and participate in group discussions, preside at meetings and conferences, work effectively with committees, and engage in practical problem solving and decision-making.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the premier national honor society in American junior and community colleges. Students who are inducted into the organization each year are honored for academic excellence, model citizenship, and community service.

Scholars Bowl

The Scholars Bowl Team participates in academic competitions with other colleges throughout the state. Members are selected through tryouts, intramural competition, and scholarship applications.

Sigma Kappa Delta

Sigma Kappa Delta is the national English honor society for students in two-year colleges. Its purposes are to recognize and reward outstanding achievement in English language and literature, provide cultural stimulation, and promote interest in English.

Skills USA

Skills USA is a national youth organization for Applied Technology Students. Skills USA is the only organization operating through public schools to build status for industrial and technical occupations. Skills USA offers prestige and recognition through awards and contests. Included in the organization are co-curricular activities that provide activities which make education and training more meaningful. The local and state clubs meet periodically to provide opportunities for the members to participate in educational, social, recreational, and vocational activities. Participating members develop leadership abilities, self-confidence, and poise. These activities also aid in stimulating positive attitudes, building character, and developing citizenship based on service to school, home, and community.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA on each campus of Bevill State Community College is the official representative organization of the student body. The organization coordinates social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of campus life. The SGA also provides the privilege of expressing opinions and taking action on matters concerning the general welfare of the student body. The duties of the SGA officers are to discuss important matters pertaining to the students, appoint committees for projects concerning the student body, and provide representation for all necessary campus and off-campus functions. The SGA constitution is on file in the Office of Student Services on each campus.

Student Nurses Association (ADN)

The Bevill State Association is a chapter of the Alabama Association of Nursing Students (AANS) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). The purpose of the association is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality health care, to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns, and to aid in the development of the whole person and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life.

Intramural Activities

A variety of intramural sports and activities are offered throughout the year for both men and women. Typical activities include flag football, basketball, softball, ping-pong, volleyball, pool, bowling, and chess.