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Bevill State Community College offers several types of scholarships to beginning freshmen students. The Scholarship Committee awards scholarships for proven performance in academics and leadership/service. Performing Arts scholarships are also available and handled through the Performing Arts Department. Detailed information and the electronic application process can be found on our Scholarship Applications page. The recipient must be a United States Citizen, including naturalized citizenship, U.S. permanent residency status, U.S. resident alien status and U.S. alien status.

Institutional scholarships are also available for current students who have completed at least 12 non-developmental hours but less than 45 hours and who have a 3.50 GPA at the college. Applications are approved by the scholarship committee and are based on availability.

Athletic scholarships are available and handled through the athletic department.

Scholarships are also offered through various foundations. Learn more about Foundation Scholarships.

Other Outside Scholarships

Students may receive outside scholarships that are not offered from Bevill State or from one of our supporting Foundations. These scholarships may come from a variety of groups and/or organizations. Generally, these awards are posted directly to the student account and can be used for tuition, fees, and books. Funds not used can remain on the student account and be applied toward charges for the next semester. However, some donors may place stipulations on what the award will cover. For example, the award may cover tuition only or it may be semester specific. Some donors allow refunds to be made to the student if a credit balance exists after all charges have been paid. In those cases, students will be refunded the remaining balance of the scholarship at the end of the semester in which the scholarship was awarded.

Bevill State encourages Direct Deposit (eRefunds) for all students to receive their Financial Aid and Tuition refunds. eRefunds eliminate the chance of a check getting lost, misdirected, delayed during delivery, or misplaced once it is received. Refunds will be available must quicker as they are not mailed and deposit directly into the student’s bank account eliminating the need to physically visit a bank to make a deposit. There are no fees from Bevill State for using eRefunds. Students that do not select to participate in eRefunds will be required to pick up refund checks in the business office on the Jasper Campus.

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