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Consumer Student Information

This page provides links to information about Bevill State Community College in accordance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act. Visit the HEOA web site for more information.

General Institutional Information

Bevill State Community College Catalog

Privacy of Student Records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

Information about facilities and services for a student with disabilities.

Student Diversity

Transfer of Credit Policies

Articulation Agreement

Information about articulation agreements.

Price of Attendance

Information about the price of attendance.

Net Price Calculator

Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid

Information about the refund policy and requirements for withdrawal and return of financial aid.

Professional Licensure/Certification Disclosures

Out of state licensure and certification information.

Student Achievement

Bevill State Community College’s goal is to maximize student success. Learn more about the success of our students.

Constitution Day

Each year, the College recognizes and celebrates Constitution Day.

On Sept. 17, 1787, thirty-nine men signed the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution Day program is aimed at remembering their legacy while envisioning the next generation of world leaders and admirable citizens.

West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd was known for promoting a “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.” In 2004, Congress passed the provision saying, “Every school and college that receives federal money must teach about the Constitution on Sept. 17.”


Information about the cost of textbooks is available on the BSCC Online Course Schedule.

Student Financial Assistance

Health and Safety

Student Outcomes

Voter Registration

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