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Bevill State Community College has an open admission policy. All applicants will need to select "First time user account creation: to create their unique account. Applicants should follow the instructions provided on each screen.

Getting Started

STEP 1: Submitting Your Application

Students seeking admission to Bevill State should complete a Bevill State application.

STEP 2: Register for the Placement Test

Placement is based on official ACT scores and High School grades on final transcripts that are less than five years old. Contact the Office of Student Services for your placement results and to schedule an ACCUPlacer placement test if necessary.The placement test is designed to evaluate an individuals math, reading, and writing skills. The exam is used to determine the appropriate courses a student should be enrolled in to help them achieve academic success.

  • Fayette Campus 932-3221, ext. 5137
  • Hamilton Campus 921-3177, ext. 5372
  • Jasper Campus 387-0511, ext. 5901
  • Sumiton Campus 648-3271, ext. 5409
  • Pickens County Center 367-8860, ext. 5639
  • Toll-Free (college-wide) 1-800-648-3271

STEP 3: Submit Official Transcripts

Contact all colleges attened and request official transcripts.

For admission to any Alabama Community College System institution, applicants must provide one primary form of identification documentation such as an unexpired Alabama Driver’s license, an unexpired Alabama identification card, an unexpired U.S. passport, or an unexpired U.S. permanent resident card. If appropriate documentation is not provided during the application process, the application is considered incomplete with a pending admission status and applicant will not be allowed to register at Bevill State.