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Transfer Student Admission Requirements

An applicant who has previously attended another duly accredited postsecondary institution will be considered a transfer student and will be required to furnish official transcripts of all work attempted at all institutions. The College may also require the transfer of student documents required of first-time college students.

Transfer Credit Policy

Course work transferred or accepted for credit toward an undergraduate program must represent collegiate course work relevant to the degree program, with course content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies equivalent to those of students enrolled in Bevill State’s undergraduate degree programs. In assessing and documenting equivalent learning and qualified faculty, the College may use recognized guides which aid in the evaluation for credit. Such guides include those published by the American Council on Education, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, and the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs.

  • A course completed at a duly accredited post-secondary institution with a passing grade will be accepted for transfer as potentially creditable toward graduation requirements.
  • A transfer grade of “D” will only be accepted when the student’s cumulative GPA from the transfer institution is 2.0 or higher.
  • Credit may be extended based on a comprehensive evaluation of demonstrated and documented competencies and previous training.

Degree Eligibility

A transfer student who meets requirements for admission to a course creditable toward an associate degree shall be classified as a degree-eligible student. A transfer student who does not meet these requirements shall be classified as a non-degree eligible student.

Transfer of Academically Suspended Students

A transfer student who has been academically suspended from another institution will not be considered for admission until the appeal of academic suspension is complete as outlined in the Academic Progress Standards found in Academic Information.