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Bevill State Community College Releases Strategic Plan

August 31, 2021

Bevill State Community College proudly announces the completion of its new five-year strategic plan. After several months of convening both internal and external stakeholders, the completed plan was unveiled to employees of the College at Professional Development kicking off the 2021 Fall Semester. Grounded in Bevill State’s mission and vision, the BSCC Strategic Plan 2021-2026 sets forth an ambitious agenda for students, the community, and the institution in future years.

During his State of the College, Dr. Joel Hagood, President of BSCC, encouraged employees by saying, “We have to be strategic. If we don’t have a vision, if we don’t know what we value as an organization, if we don’t know where we are and where we want to go, then we are just a ship listless at sea. This is a real, authentic document. Now, it is time to go to work.”

“The Bevill State Community College Strategic Plan 2021-2026 is a defining document that positions the college well for future success,” says BSCC President Joel Hagood. “When we started the process of creating Bevill State’s new strategic plan, I wanted to emphasize engaging our entire college community, learning from prior plans, recognizing current financial realities, and building measurable indicators. I am proud of the plan our college community has created, and look forward to the results of our collective efforts.”

The Strategic Plan is built around three major goals for Bevill State Community College:

  • Bevill State will CONNECT with both internal and external stakeholders through recruitment and enrollment activities, community partnerships, and workforce initiatives.
  • Bevill State will enhance programs and services that empower both credit and non-credit students to COMPLETE their intended educational goal.
  • Bevill State will CONTRIBUTE to local communities by providing a highly-skilled workforce that enhances economic development, community engagement, and generosity among alumni.

The full strategic plan is available at www.BSCC.edu/strategic-plan-2021-2026.

About Bevill State Community College (BSCC)
Bevill State Community College is a public, two-year, "open door" institution, committed to providing comprehensive education and educational support services for people in West Central Alabama and beyond. Bevill State is a member of the Alabama Community College System. Bevill State's four main campuses, and one instructional site, offer university parallel and applied technology educational opportunities to over one-quarter million people in a seven-county area. This service area spans over 4,600 square miles, from the Birmingham city limits to the Mississippi state line.

For more information contact Tana Collins-Allred at 800.648.3271 ext. 5742 or by email at tana.collins@bscc.edu.  Please visit our website at www.bscc.edu.