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Bevill State Receives Grants from Fayette Community Foundation

December 11, 2016

Bevill State Community College (BSCC) is pleased to announce that the Fayette Community Foundation, Inc. has awarded the College two grants.  One grant of $42,000 was awarded to provide scholarships for deserving high school and GED students throughout Fayette County.  A second grant for $40,000 was awarded to BSCC to provide financial support for the re-introduction of sports to the Fayette Campus.

“Bevill State is extremely appreciative of these awards from the Fayette Community Foundation. These funds will fuel scholarships that will change lives and allow us to bring back Bevill State athletics to the Fayette community. This is truly indicative of the great support the College has from its community leaders,” Dr. Larry Ferguson, BSCC President, said.

Judge William Oswalt, President of the Fayette Community Foundation, stated, “We extend our appreciation to Dr. Ferguson for his commitment and tireless efforts in establishing sports programs on the Fayette campus. We believe that this grant is evidence of community support for BSCC sports programs and Dr. Ferguson.”

Total grants awarded by the Foundation for 2016 total approximately $520,000 with sixty-one grants awarded to recipients throughout Fayette County. Since the inception of the Foundation in 2005, they have awarded over four million dollars in grants.

Bevill State announced the return of athletics in May of this year.  The Fayette campus will host the men’s baseball team and women’s volleyball team.  Coaches are now actively recruiting for both of these programs.

Senator Greg Reed, State Senate Majority Leader (District 5), was instrumental in securing funding for the return of athletics to Bevill State. “I want to commend the generosity of the Fayette Community Foundation’s board of directors in awarding these two grants to Bevill State. A quality, affordable education at a place like Bevill State often is the ladder up for young people to achieve economic stability,” remarked Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed (R-Jasper). “I appreciate the Fayette Foundation’s commitment to providing scholarships for hard-working high school and GED students, and I am excited about the Foundation’s support for the new BSCC baseball and volleyball teams at the Fayette campus.”

Representative Kyle South, District 16, said, “We are all extremely excited about the rebirth of athletics at Bevill State.  I think these funds show the level of commitment from the community to support the programs.  I would like to personally thank the Community Foundation board, especially Mr. Eddie Robertson and Judge William Oswalt, for recognizing the value of a strong athletic program.”

For more information contact Tana L. Collins at 800.648.3271 ext. 5742 or by email at tana.collins@bscc.edu.  Please visit our website at www.bscc.edu.